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About Us
In 1986, having found a lack of concern and knowledge in the marketplace regarding the installation of cabling for Phone System, Computer Systems, CCTV, Home Audio, and Home Theater, Hi-Tech Resources combined its computer expertise and Home Automation with previous construction experience to build a company dedicated to bringing quality and skill to the new world of cabling. Through constant training and use of emerging standards, the company has been providing state-of-the-art system solutions for all areas. From consulting to design to implementation, Hi-Tech Resources has provided full system installations with an emphasis on standards and flexibility for the future.

Employees are the number one asset of any company, and Hi-Tech Resources is committed to providing customers with trained and professional installation teams. System installers are factory and company trained to make use of the most up-to-date tooling and test equipment available. In this manner, the company is able to send skilled and experienced installers to a project site with the confidence that the System installation will be completed correctly.

Installation Practices
Only quality materials are used during installation. This insures that the cable system will exceed the requirements of your system: Phone, Computer, Fiber Optic, CCTV or Home Audio. Hi-Tech Resources takes care to follow all building, safety and electrical standards. High quality cable of the correct type is fed above the ceilings and inside walls using proper cable suspension and installation practices. Openings are cut at the base of the walls in the correct locations and wall plates are installed over the openings, providing you with an aesthetically pleasing finished product. At the other end of the cable, proper enclosures are provided in the computer rooms or wiring closets to contain the many cables that come together from the workstations, phones, cameras, and audio controllers in buildings or homes. Patch panels are mounted in the enclosure to provide you with easy flexibility when making personnel changes or relocation within the system. When the cable has been fully installed and labeled, special test equipment is then utilized to check each cable and connection. Finally, floor plans, diagrams, and other documents are posted at the central cabling area and provided to you and your customer. After the installation is completed, Hi-Tech Resources is able to provide continuing maintenance. This usually consists of an annual complete cable system inspection and test. At these times, any needed minor modifications or upgrades can be performed. Hi-Tech Resources is determined to see that the quality built into the job is fully available to your customer.

Simplicity, Flexibility, Reliability
Hi-Tech Resources designs and installs All systems upon which you can depend. We provide a system design that is able to cope with the demands of today’s computer, phone, CCTV, home audio systems and the uncertainty of tomorrow’s expanding requirements.