Feel safe and secure by adding a surveillance system at your business or home to help protect you from burglary, vandalism and foul play.

Residential and commercial camera installations help protect your property in real time. Get a visual on visitors to grant or deny access, and keep employees honest when dealing with precious assets.

Hi-Tech resources specializes in CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) security camera installations. All our Installers have extensive training and experience in hardwired and wireless surveillance systems, and can help guide you in acquiring the best products for your installation.

CCTV ensures that you have a digital footprint of everything happening inside or outside of your property. Images are recorded 24/7 and can be accessed through your PC, TV, Mac or other smart devices. When away, you can notify authorities of unauthorized activity within or outside of your home or business.

Chose from a variety of features that allow you to customize how your camera system operates, including remote viewing and alerts, motion detection, night vision and tailored storage for surveillance footage.

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